Our technique is based on the disciplines of Pilates, dance, yoga and orthopedic stretching. You learn how to use your own body weight as resistance and are taught to navigate through positions so you can control and move powerfully through each exercise. Each class includes standing leg and gluteus work at the barre to chisel calves, thighs and butt, floor work for core and spinal strength, and hand-weights work for sculpting the arms, all this set to great music. Each muscle group is worked to fatigue then stretched. This means that the muscles are strengthened and lengthened at the same time.

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  • Barre base

    MIX barre base is the method stripped down to the bone. For beginners it offers the opportunity to develop body awareness and proper body alignment in positions while building the strength to move to the next level. Special needs are taken into consideration and modifications are advised when necessary. For those with experience it allows you to reinforce the fundamentals of existing positions.

  • Barre

    Less talking, more moving, MIX barre is open to beginners and all levels. Continued emphasis on the basic barre positions with longer duration, variations, and interval cardio training. Modifications are offered for beginners and advanced options are given for those who are looking to challenge themselves during their workout.

  • Barre advanced

    The pace goes up another notch. This class is designed for those who have a full understanding of the fundamental barre positions You must have taken at least 20 open level MIX barre classes before taking an advanced level class, and be proficient at all of the basic positions as this class incorporates advanced positioning and longer sets, higher levels of intensity, and more creative variations.


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