Add another dimension to your Barre and Yoga training using TRX suspension training. Our MIX TRX class is a dynamic, versatile method that recruits your deep core muscles and leverages gravity and your bodyweight. Experience a seamless transition between body blasting cardio and slower functional conditioning moves. Get your heart-rate up, torch calories, build overall muscular endurance and strength.

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  • TRX base

    New to TRX? Then our MIX TRX base is for you It offers the opportunity to understand body awareness and proper body alignment in positions using the TRX bands while building the strength to move to the next level. This class allows those with experience to reinforce the fundamentals of existing positions.

  • TRX Open

    Boost your endurance and overall conditioning with our MIX TRX signature class. We use the TRX to pair functional strength training with low impact cardio sequences to speed up your metabolism. You will be guided from one exercise to the next in a circuit-like manner increasing your heart rate and firing up multiple muscles. Our instructors give you constant feedback and check your movement throughout the class preventing injury and helping you achieve your best results. Driven by energising tunes, this powerful, sweaty and fun session will motivate you to achieve the best possible results.

  • TRX advanced

    This class is for experienced clients only. You must have done at least ten MIX TRX classes before taking an advanced level class. It requires proficiency at all basic positions as this class incorporates advanced movements and longer sets, higher levels of intensity, and more creative variations.


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