Get ready for our new total body workout in one high energy cardio class! Our new signature class fuse is designed to alternate between intervals of cardio and strength so you’re able to burn calories and sculpt your body at the same time! The class uses various small props and one big prop .... the TRAMPOLINE!
You will move through multiple planes of strength building motion to effectively target and sculpt small, stabilizing muscle groups all over your body. The trampoline intervals will then challenge you with some heart pumping cardio that will burn away anything that strong body of yours doesn't need!

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fuse base

MIX fuse base offers anyone, regardless of fitness level, the opportunity to learn the foundation of moving on the trampoline. You will develop body awareness, understanding of proper body alignment and balance, while building the cardio strength to move to the next level. Special needs are taken into consideration and modifications are advised when necessary.

fuse open

MIX fuse open is accessible to beginners and all levels. You can expect the pace to go up a notch with continued emphasis on alignment and more advanced cardio intervals and variations. You will increase your cardiovascular endurance and learn to navigate through more challenging sequences. Modifications are offered for beginners and advanced options are given for those who are looking to challenge themselves during their workout.