Born in Germany, Agi was raised in a small village surrounded by cows and mountains which automatically led to her passion for the outdoors and sports - if she’s not teaching sculpt you will find her climbing mountains. At the age of 17 she started her modeling career which allowed her to travel the world and try out different gyms, yoga studios & styles.

In 2010 she took her first yoga class in Cape Town and fell in love with the movement and breath. Followed by a 30 day yoga challenge in Sydney, Agnes eventually did her Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. In 2018, after suffering from an injury where she was told she would never run again, Agnes trained even harder and put all her mind into healing. She believes in taking care of the mind, body and soul equally. With her optimistic mindset, she finished a half marathon 1 year post op.

Her personal journey has inspired her to motivate people to get back on track and to achieve their personal best.


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