Founder and owner of MIX studio, Alessandra comes with 20 years of fitness experience. Swiss and Peruvian, she was educated and raised in NY, where she gained the groundwork for her strong expertise in alignment, dynamic and athletic twist to foundation work.

After college, she was introduced to the Lotte Berk Method — the original barre method where most barre classes have their roots. Trained in the method Alessandra taught for four years before joining Exhale Spa/New York. Alessandra became a fulltime instructor and managed the broadly publicized Core Fusion Program. As part of the National Teacher Training Team, she worked on developing the training manual, guided potential teachers through the certification process and ensured the quality of the program. She launched MIX Studio in 2017, which offers barre, TRX and yoga group classes in Lausanne and Zurich. To boost the intensity, she created certain sequences to work the full body in a balanced way’. She is driven by team work and passionate about inspiring you to be the best you can possibly be: Get ready to push your limits.


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